NEWS FLASH -Andrea and Bill are thrilled to have a new album of original music dropping in summer of 2024. It is a lush collection of songs that embrace more of this duo’s roots sensibilities. (They sometimes find themselves yelling inadvertently because they are bursting with excitement about this fresh bouquet of music. Apologies to any they may have startled on public transit…)

THE STORY SO FAR – Vocalist Andrea Koziol and pianist Bill Brennan met a very long time ago at a most illustrious birthday party for a one year old Newfoundlander. Early into their very first conversation they realized that they were a musical match made in heaven. It wasn’t long before they were booking gigs together in Toronto’s finest cabaret venues, playing festivals across the country, and making regular live appearances on the CBC. They gathered a loyal fan base, made a critically acclaimed independent CD, Mario Russell, collaborated with some of the city’s finest musicians, toured in borrowed cars, slept in bathtubs, wrote and arranged music together till all hours of the morning, and generally lived like kings. Eventually, their own musical careers carried them in different bright and beautiful directions, but despite their physical distance they continued to collaborate on projects whenever possible.

In 2019 they joined forces once again on a recording project celebrating everything that brought them together in the first place. It’s a collection of music that spans almost 100 years of fantastic songwriting, performed by musicians who are not afraid to explore and improvise and jump from any cliff they can find. Buy it on Bandcamp! And…keep your eyes peeled for their gorgeous new collection of songs coming soon.